Testing Service Providers

October 4, 2013

Below is a list of testing providers serving the household and personal products industry. For more information, contact the testing service provider using the information provided for each firm. Should your company be listed here? Contact Happi to be included in our next testing services directory. Email: tbranna@rodmanmedia.com

• AMA Laboratories, Inc.
New City, NY
Tel: (845) 634-4330, Fax: (845) 634-5565
Email: sales@amalabs.combriane@amalabs.com, edl@amalabs.com
Website: www.amalabs.com
Testing Specialties: AMA Laboratories, Inc. offers a wide range of testing services, including, but not limited to, the Industry required and accepted tests. We also develop, product efficacy demonstrations, testing protocols and safety & efficacy claim substation. For example AMA can complete a 10-panel in-vivo SPF test in 1-2 weeks. Further AMA provides a proprietary system of matched scientific photography we call PhotoGrammetix, which is often used by clients for visual substantiation of claims in advertising and marketing. AMA is also an ISO-certified and a FDA-registered laboratory.

• BioScreen Testing Services, Inc.
Torrance, CA
Tel: (310) 214-0043, Fax: (310) 370-3642
Email: info@bioscreen.com
Website: www.bioscreen.com
Testing Specialties: BioScreen Testing Services is a full service FDA registered, ISO certified Human clinical, Analytical Chemistry and Microbiology contract laboratory dedicated to providing superior customer service, regulatory compliance, quality results and integrity. We serve the cosmetic, OTC, pharma and medical device industries. BioScreen provides one stop complete testing for product safety (RIPT), human clinical claim studies (anti-aging, acne, SPF), micro (AET), and chemistry (sunscreens, raw materials, heavy metals). You can count on BioScreen for all your testing needs!

• Bria Research Labs and Testing Services
Libertyville, IL
Tel: (847) 918-1774, Fax: (847) 816-1830
Email: arun@brialab.com
Website: www.brialab.com

• Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Middleboro, MA
Tel: (508) 946-6200
Fax: (508) 946-6262
Email: web.sales@brookfieldengineering.com
Website: www.brookfieldengineering.com

• Canfield Imaging Systems,
Fairfield, NJ
Tel: (973) 276-0336 or (800) 815-4330
Email: info@canfieldsci.com
Website: www.canfieldsci.com

• Celsis International
Chicago, IL
Tel: (312) 476-1200
Fax: (312) 476-1201
Website: www.celsis.com/h&b

• Ceutical Laboratories, Inc.
Dallas, TX
Tel: (972) 241-8374
Fax: (972) 241-0619
Website: www.ceuticallabs.com

• Chemir Analytical Services
Maryland Heights, MO
Tel: (800) 659-7659
Fax: (314) 291-6630
Website: www.chemir.com

• Clinical Research Laboratories, Inc.
Piscataway, NJ
Tel: (732) 981-1616
Fax: (732) 909-2879
Email: jasmine.migliorini@crl-inc.com
Website: www.crl-inc.com
Testing Specialties: Clinical Research Laboratories, Inc. operates as an independent contract laboratory providing a wide range of clinical safety and efficacy testing to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Located in central New Jersey, USA, CRL is dedicated to conducting human clinical test procedures to determine the safety and efficacy of cosmetics, personal care and OTC drug products. Specialties include bioinstrumentation, dermatology, photobiology, ophthalmology, gynecology, cosmetology and microbiology.

• Consumer Product Testing Company, Inc.
70 New Dutch Lane
Fairfield, NJ
Tel: (973) 808-7111
Fax: (973) 244-7535
Email: sales@cptcplabs.com
Website: www.cptclabs.com

• Dermatest Medical Research
Münster, Germany
Tel: (49) 251-4882249
Fax: (49) 251-4902727
Email: info@dermatest.de
Website: www.dermatest.de

• Essex Testing Clinic
Verona, NJ
Tel: (973) 857-9541
Fax: (973) 857-9662
Email: info@essextesting.com
Website: www.essextesting.com
Testing Specialties: Essex Testing Clinic has been servicing the cosmetic and personal care product industries for over 30 years by performing clinical studies for product safety, efficacy and marketing claims support. Today, we comprise 2 facilities, which allows us to tap into two large, diverse communities. This means we can deliver large populations, with a quick turnaround, no matter what the inclusion/exclusion criteria may be. We bring to the table sound scientific advice, explanation of industry standards and guidelines, customer service and years of experience testing products for skin irritation and allergy, SPF value, anti-aging properties, long wear, cosmetic waterproof, lash enhancers, etc.

• Evalulab, Inc.
Montreal, Québec, Canada
Tel: (514) 735-3253
Fax: (514) 343-9996
Email: ekulig@evalulab.com, (Ewa Kulig, Business Director)
Website: www.evalulab.com
Testing Specialties: Evalulab is specialized in clinical testing to evaluate the safety, tolerance and efficacy of cosmetics, nutraceuticals and personal care products. The team expertise is based on the combined understanding of clinical study design, product formulations, human skin physiology and marketing needs. Evalulab complies with the Good Clinical Practice and the guidelines established by the FDA and Health Canada. The laboratory offers a large number of customized and standard testing protocols to effectively substantiate marketing claims with reliable and accurate scientific data. Evalulab ensures your claims are clinically proven.

• Genemarkers, LLC
Kalamazoo, MI
Tel: (269) 372-8710
Email: info@genemarkersllc.com
Website: www.genemarkersllc.com

• Harrison Research Laboratories, Inc. 
2497  Vauxhall Road
Union, NJ 07083
Tel: (908) 688-7600
Fax: (908) 688-7601
Email: LHarrison@HRLabs.us.com
Website: www.HRLabs.us.com 

• Hill Top Research Inc.
Tel: 513-831-1217, 941-549-9684
Email: info@hill-top.com
Website: www.hill-top.com

• Idea Tests Group
Tel: 33 (0)5 56 64 45 35, (609) 705 3854
Contact: Frédéric Nunzi, Pascal Yvon (US)
Email: f.nunzi@ideatest.fr, info.us@ideatest.fr
Website: www.ideatest.fr
Testing Specialties: Since 1999, the Idea Tests Group has specialized in the evaluation of cosmetic products. We propose clinical testing (tolerance and efficacy), sun care testing, in vitro testing (toxicology and efficacy), and microbiological controls, for both finished products and ingredients. We provide legal assistance for the market launch of your products complying with regulations in force. Our tests are conform with international guidelines (OECD), GLP compliant and follows the GCP requirements, in an ISO 9001 environment.

• Impact Analytical
Midland, MI
Tel: (855) 427-6583
Fax: (989) 832-5560
Email: info@impactanalytical.com
Website: www.ImpactAnalytical.com

• International Research Services, Inc.
Port Chester, NY
Tel: (914) 937-6500
Fax: (914) 937-8067
Email: ffriscia@irsi.org
Website: www.irsi.org

• InVitro International
Irvine, CA
Tel: (949) 851-8356 or (800) 246-8487
Fax: (949) 851-4985
Email: invitro@invitrointl.com
Website: www.invitrointl.com

• Libra Laboratories, Inc.
Metuchen, NJ
Tel: (732) 321-5200
Fax: (732) 321-5203
Email: asklibra@libralabs.com
Website: www.libralabs.com

•  McCrone Associates, Inc.
Westmont, IL
Tel: (630) 887-7100
Website: www.mccroneassociates.com

• Micro Quality Labs Inc.
(MQL Inc.)
Burbank, CA
Tel: (818) 845-0070
Fax: (818) 845-0030
Email: microqualitylabs@sbcglobal.net or  Karine@microquaitylabs.com
Website: www.microqualitylabs.com
Testing Services: Micro Quality Labs is an ISO 17025 certified lab, established in 2003 and offers a comprehensive range of contract testing services to the Cosmetic, Nutritional, Pharmaceutical, OTC and household products industries. Services include Analytical, Stability Testing (ICH guidelines), Heavy Metals, Microbiology, Method Development and Validation, Environmental Testing, Water Testing, Pesticides/USP, 1,4 Dioxane, Amino Acid Testing and Phthalates. We consider your product safety our top priority. Smart prevention is our primary focus.

• Q Laboratories, Inc.
1400 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, OH, 45214
Tel: (513) 471-1300
Fax: (513) 471-5600
E-mail: office@qlaboratories.com
Website: www.qlaboratories.com
Testing Specialties: An FDA Registered, cGMP/GLP compliant, ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratory. Services include: Method Development and Validation, Microbial Detection and Enumeration, Microbial Identification, Active Ingredient Analysis, Raw Material Qualification, Antimicrobial Efficacy Analysis and Stability Studies. Perform analyses on pharmaceuticals, OTCs, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and health & care products.

• Quality Assurance International
San Diego, CA
Tel: (858) 200-9708
Email: qai@qai-inc.com
Website: www.qai-inc.com

• Rapid Precision Testing Laboratories (RPTL)
Cordova, TN
Tel: (901) 386-0175
Fax: (901) 386-7218
Email: RPTL@aol.com
Website: www.RapidPrecision.com

• SGS North America Inc.
Fairfield, NJ
Tel: (800) 777-TEST (8378)
Fax: (973) 575-7175
Email: us.cosmeticspersonalcare@sgs.com
Website: www.sgs.com/cosmetics

• Solar Light Company
Glenside, PA
Tel: (215) 517-8700, Fax: (215) 517-8747
E-mail: info@solarlight.com
Website: www.solarlight.com

• Suncare Research Laboratories
Winston Salem, NC
Tel: (336) 725-6501
Fax: (336) 725-6503
Email: info@suncarelab.com
Website: www.suncarelab.com

• UL-STR (formerly Specialized Technology Resources, Inc.)
Canton, MA
Tel: (781) 821-2200
Fax: (781) 821-9266
Email: QAInfo@ul.com
Website: strquality.com