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Schedule Is Announced For SCC Annual Meeting

November 4, 2013

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists has announced the presentations, lectures and awards that will be presented at its Annual Scientific Meeting and Showcase, which is scheduled for Dec. 12-13 in New York City.  Morning sessions will run from 9am­-11am and afternoon sessions run from 1:30pm-4pm each day, according to SCC. Here is a look at what is scheduled in each session (as of Oct. 16):

Session A—Claims: moderated by  Christine  Popoff,  Ph.D.
  • “Lip  Appearance  Index Derived from Image Analysis  and Consumer Perception,” Yulia  Skvortsova,  Ph.D. and Di Qu, Ph.D., Amway  Corporation
  • “Cosmetic  Claim  Substantiati-on in the EU: the Next Time  Bomb,” Karl  Lintner,  Ph.D. Kal’Idees
  • “Measurement of Sweat Gland Activity Using Reflection of Polarized Light,” Gert  E.  Nilsson Wheelsbridge AB
  • 2013 Frontiers of Science Award Lecture—Joseph  Schwarcz,  Ph.D. McGill  University, “Mirror,  Mirror  on  the  Wall...”
Session B—Hair: moderated by Roger  McMullen,  Ph.D.
  • “AFM Study of Mechanical Properties of Deposited Films of Different Quaternary  A-mmonium  Conditioners on  Hair  Surface,” Timothy Gao, Ph.D.  and  Sam Zhu,  Ph.D., Croda Inc.
  • “The  Reactivity  of  Chemical Treatments  with  Different Hair  Types,” Trefor  Evans,  Ph.D., T  A Evans LLC
  • “New Approach for Quantification of Hair Frizz,” Sylvie  Bouzeloc,  Tatiana  Dimi-trova,  Bethany  Johnson  and   Cecile  Coffy, Dow  Corning  Europe
  • “Investigating  Cosmetic  Ac-tive  Claims  Using  Ex  Vivo Hair Follicle  Models,”  James  V.  Gruber,  Ph.D., Lonza  Consumer  Care
Session C—Nanotechnology/Regulations: moderated by  Dennis  Laba
  • 2013 Henry Maso Award Lecture, Jay Ansell, Ph.D., Personal  Care  Prod-ucts  Council, “ The  Evolving  Science  and Regulation  of Nanomaterials Affecting  the Personal Care  Products Industry”
  • “Read  Across Arguments  for  Nano  Zinc  Oxide:  Lessons  from  Sub-­Chronic  Inhalation  Testing,” Steven  Verberckmoes,  Ph.D.
  • “Influence of TiO2 Nanoparicles on the Stability of a Cosmetic  Nano-­Emulsion:  Zeta  Potential,  Microscopy and  Rheology  Characterization,” Caroline  Guetta  and  Addie  Gombauld, Ariel  Laboratories
  • Emerging  Concerns  about  Nano-particles  from  Personal  Health  and  Eco-logical  Aspects,” M. Serpil  Kislalioglu  and Mina Kislalioglu-­Berkes, University  of Rhode  Island
  • “Sun Care and Nanotechnology—A  Risk  Review,” Paul  M. Staniland,  Ph.D., Robert  M.  Sayer,  Ph.D.,  Ian  R. Tooley,  Ph.D. and Surinder  Chahal,  Ph.D. Croda  Europe  Ltd.
Session  D—Cells  and  Genes: Future  of  Cosmetic  Science: moderated by Thomas  Polefka,  Ph.D.
  • “Introduction  to  Molecular  Biology,” Thomas Polefka,  Ph.D., Life  Science  Solutions,  LLC
  • “Tools  and  Techniques  Available  for  the  Gene Expression  Detective,” Howard  Epstein,  Ph.D. EMD  Chemicals,
  • “Genomics: Assessing Its Significanc in Skin  Care Applications,” Anna  Langerveld, Ph.D., Genemarkers
  • “Protecting  Stem­Cellness: Potent  Well  Aging  Active  to  Promote  Skin  Luminosity,” Raviku- mar  Pillai, Ph.D.,  Gabriele  Vielhaber, Ph.D., Imke  Meyer, Gerhard  Schmaus,  Mar- tina  Herrmann, Marielle  Le  Maire,  Elisa  Caviola  and  Paolo Pertile, Symrise  SAS
  • “A  New Melanogenesis  Stimulat-ing  Agent,” Christophe  Carola,  Ph.D., Nicole  Beyer and Hansjuergen  Driller, Ph.D., Merck  KGaA
  • “Counteracting  Circadian  Regula-tion  in  Adipose  Skin,” Christina  Carreno, Ph.D., Nuria  Garcia­Sanz,  Ph.D.,  Olga  Laporta-Alcantara, Ph.D., Sil-via  Pastor,  Ph.D.,  Juan  Cebrian,  Ph.D., Albert  Soley,  Ph.D., Nuria  Aminana,  Ph.D., Antonio  Ferrer-Montiel,  Ph.D. and  Raquel  Delgado, Ph.D. Lipotec  SAU.
The SCC will present two awards during the meeting. Dr. Philip Wertz will receive the 2013 Maison de Navarre Medal Award. The 2013 SCC Merit Award will be presented to Dr. Stephen Greenberg.