Happi Magazine

January 2014

  • Taking the Lead

    Taking the Lead

    As the Consumer Specialty Products Association celebrates its centennial, it gives a nod to the important role that strong leadership plays in the Association.

  • A Laundry List Of Innovation

    A Laundry List Of Innovation

    Unit dose formulas have made the biggest splash in the laundry detergent category in the past year, but formulators still have more ideas to spur growth in a sluggish category.

  • Nature’s Bounty Grows

    Nature’s Bounty Grows

    Consumers continue to crave “natural” when it comes to personal care. Their appetites are satiated by naturally inspired SKUs as well as brands that offer no comprises when it comes to their final formulations.

  • Blinding Them with Science

    Blinding Them with Science

    The scientific community must issue a clarion call for good science, said the keynote speaker at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ Annual Scientific Meeting & Technology Showcase.

  • Dermatology’s Critical Role In Product Development

    Dermatology’s Critical Role In Product Development

    Innovative ideas at prestige skin care counters and on drugstore shelves can often be traced back to the doctor’s office. Here’s a closer look at how dermatology and professional skin care impacts the mainstream.

  • A Passion for Pants (and shirts, too)

    As fabrics become more complex, Procter & Gamble researchers look for new ways to care for them.

  • Now Smell This!

    Now Smell This!

    Fragrance plays an important role in every household-cleaning category. No wonder why marketers are devoting more resources than ever to product perfumery.

  • Take a Closer Look at these Burgeoning Brands

    Take a Closer Look at these Burgeoning Brands

    Here’s a look at the latest contenders in the billion-dollar skin care arena.