Sleek and Chic Shampoo with Argan Oil

Released by Solvay Chemicals

January 1, 2014

Phase A
q.s. to 100
Geropon T-77(Solvay) (Sodium methyl oleyl taurate)
Mackam 35(Solvay) (Cocamidopropyl detaine)
Mackanate LO (Solvay) (Disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate)
Mackamide CPA (Solvay) (Cocamide MIPA)
Jaguar C-162 (Solvay) (Hydroxypropyl guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride)
Argan Oil (Hallstar) (Argania spinosa kernel oil)
Mackadet OPR-1 (Solvay) (Water, glycol distearate, cocamidopropyl betaine, glyceryl stearate)
Garnier Fragrance (Solo Labs)
Sodium chloride
Citric acid (50%)
Kathon CG (Dow)

Add water to main vessel and start mixing. Add Geropon T-77 and begin heating to 65-70°C. Once the Geropon T-77 is dissolved, add the Mackamide CPA and mix until melted and batch is uniform. Discontinue heat. Add Geropon TC-42 and Mackam 35, and mix until uniform. Once the batch temperature is below 60°C yet above 50°C, add the Mackanate LO and mix until uniform. Add the argan oil and mix until uniform. Once the batch has reached 40°C, add the Mackadet OPR-1 and mix until uniform. (Please note: If Mackadet OPR-1 has set up into a soft solid, gently heat to 35°C and mix before use.) Premix the Jaguar C-162 into the glycerin. Once the batch temperature is below 35°C, add the glycerin premix to the main batch and mix until uniform. Add the Kathon CG and fragrance and mix until uniform. Add the sodium chloride and mix until uniform. Adjust pH if necessary to target 5.5 using 50% citric acid solution.

Appearance—White, flowable liquid; Brookfield Viscosity at 25°C 10,000–25,000 cps (RV5, 10 rpm); pH @ 25°C—5.5-6.0; Storage-Stability—Stable for 3 months (25°C; 45°C; 4°C) 3 cycles freeze/thaw.

More Information
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