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Ace of Air Addresses Beauty and Sustainability

Certified B Corp brand is designed to be entirely circular and fully zero-waste.

There’s a new Certified B Corp clean beauty and wellness brand on the market—Ace of Air, which will offers skin care and supplements. According to its founders, Ace of Air is the first and only beauty and wellness brand designed to be entirely circular and fully zero-waste, taking responsibility for the complete lifecycle of its refilled packaging.
The company’s founders are seasoned beauty executive Stephanie Stahl, a former Revlon c-suite leader;  supermodel Petra Nemcova; and merchant banking firm founder David Knowlton. 
With a buy-the-product-and-borrow-the-package model, Ace of Air takes responsibility for the full life of its packaging starting with its eight inaugural skincare and supplement products.  

The Leaping Bunny Certified products include Illuminate Me Halo Moisturizer, Illuminate Me Sunrise Serum and Illuminate Me Aurora Capsule Supplement; Restore Me Bounce Back Moisturizer, Restore Me Space Age Serum and Restore Me Time Capsule Supplement; Mega Me Vegan Omega Complex Supplement; and Balance Me Happy Gut Pre-Pro-Postbiotic. Products are priced between $35-$85.

Ace of Air’s packaging is designed to re-used up to 100 times, according to the brand, which has partnered with UPS to participate in its carbon neutral program to incorporate carbon-neutral shipping into the brand’s business model.
“In the fall of 2017, we began creating the business of our dreams — an uplifting, inclusive brand for women and men designed to have a positive impact on people and our planet with powerfully nourishing skincare and supplement products,” said Stahl, who is CEO. “We did this, not because we thought the world needs another beauty and wellness brand. It doesn't. We did this because our planet needs a beauty and wellness brand that fundamentally changes what and how we consume.”

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