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ArtistOnGo Salon Appointment Beauty App Launches in US

Allows artists to rent a chair at top locations with flexible and affordable pricing for both hair care and skin care.

Every beauty professional has a dream of being their own boss. However, for many, finding a place to work which suits their needs is challenging. ArtistOnGo allows artists to rent a chair at top salons with flexible and affordable pricing.
The new platform lets artists control where and when they work. They get to pick everything from the salon they wish to work at, their schedule, and their service prices without having to pay salon commissions. And instead of working for a salon owner, they can work for themselves at a top salon, earning up to 3x more income with total flexibility and control over their work.
Independent artists have already opted to rent salon chairs long-term with ArtistOnGo via monthly, weekly or even hourly rentals with flexible pricing options. And what’s more, artists can work at one salon or multiple salons to make it easier on themselves and their clients.
ArtistOnGo says salons owners love this concept because they earn more income with zero additional costs or effort. Plus, ArtistOnGo fills chairs or treatment rooms that would otherwise sit unused. This income for salon owners can be significant, covering up to 50% or more of their monthly rental overhead.
About the Founders
ArtistOnGo is the brainchild of Dharmendra and Aarti Manwani who have over 30 years of beauty and tech experience between the two of them making them the perfect team to launch a tech startup for artists and salons.
Pat Parenty, former president of L’Oreal, has also joined the team to lead strategic partnerships and brings over 26 years of industry experience to the company. The team is ready to transform the industry into a community of artists that can rent salons chairs at flexibly and affordably, right from their phones.
The traditional salon model has become outdated, especially post Covid as artists and salons are seeking more flexibility,” said Parenty. “ArtistOnGo has built a modern, easy-to-use platform that not only works better for both salon owners and independent stylists but helps them earn more income. In my view this is changing the industry for the better.”
ArtistOnGo is currently available in New York and Miami and is rolling out across other US cities.

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