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Bath & Body Works Taps Accenture for Next-Gen Tech and AI

The multi-year program is part of Bath & Body Works’ strategy to elevate the brand and leverage the latest technologies in digital, MarTech, AI and generative AI to drive growth.

Bath & Body Works, Inc. is collaborating with Accenture to modernize, transform and simplify its core digital and technology platforms.

The multi-year program is part of Bath & Body Works’ strategy to elevate the brand and leverage the latest technologies in digital, martech, AI and generative AI to drive growth, per the brand.

“Our collaboration with Accenture is about having a strong technology foundation and scaling the power of digital, data, and AI to deliver new levels of customer experiences, agility and performance,” said Gina Boswell, CEO, Bath & Body Works. “This will help us accelerate profitable growth by enhancing our operations, elevating our brand and engaging our customers differently through personalized and seamless experiences that keep them coming back.”

Tapping the Consumer Pulse

As part of its vision to drive growth, Bath & Body Works will also work with Accenture to create new and innovative capabilities like a digital Fragrance Finder, a gen AI-powered conversational experience to help customers find the perfect fragrance tailored to their individual preferences. This comes as Accenture’s Consumer Pulse 2024 research found that more than half (51%) of consumers are open to using conversational AI solutions.

“We are focused on leveraging our core strengths in fragrance and augmenting these with cutting-edge technology and AI experiences such as native mobile, headless commerce, MarTech and transformer-based neural networks to deliver hyper-relevant and immersive experiences to customers with greater precision,” said Thilina Gunasinghe, chief digital and technology officer, Bath & Body Works.

“Our collaboration with Bath & Body Works on its continuous reinvention will help this beloved brand continue to raise the bar on the retail customer experience,” said Julie Sweet, chair and CEO, Accenture. “Together, we will build a strong digital core of cloud, data and AI and innovative gen AI solutions that can help Bath & Body Works create value, foster growth and continually delight their customers in new ways.”

Accenture Song recently launched a report entitled “Generative AI for Customer Growth” that found companies applying gen AI to customer-related initiatives can expect to achieve 25% higher revenue after five years than companies that focused solely on productivity.

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