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Beauty Trends Driving New Product Development

From beauty formulas that boost mood to do-it-all products that save time, WGSN explains what's next.

When it comes to fast-moving consumer product trends, everyone wants asks, “what's next?” WGSN, a global authority on consumer and design trends, helps brands develop the right products at the right time for tomorrow’s consumer. Here are a few trends from WGSN's forecast:

Manual Beauty Tools: Salon closures and social distancing have led to a touch famine, inspiring consumers to engage with tools that replicate touch while delivering beauty benefits. There has also been a rise in stress relieving tools specifically for massaging and grooming pets, and these animal tools will see a rise throughout 2021.

Dopamine Beauty: Biohacked beauty products that impact our emotional states are emerging to redefine the role of skin care, fragrance and makeup. Innovations in skincare actives and scent molecules that target happiness and stress hormones provide another reason to buy beauty.

Hyper Hybrids: Do-it-all beauty products are growing in popularity as minimalist-minded consumers streamline their routines and reduce packaging waste at home. These products offer a myriad of benefits in one formula, or are designed to be used in a variety of ways or on multiple body parts. Minimalism stretches further than just packaging when it comes to the environment, with less marketing collateral and decreased digital pollution from websites filled with products.

Nostalgic Beauty: During tumultuous times, consumers often turn to the past in search of comfort. Retro packaging, the return of products such as bath pearls, lip gloss, and white musk fragrances, alongside tools such as crimping irons and wave wands have seen a resurgence, as consumer needs have shifted significantly toward escapism through the lens of nostalgia.

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