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Charlotte Tilbury Leads As Social Media Beauty Influencer on Twitter

Skin care and makeup expert leads trends in virtual community, according to GlobalData report.

Charlotte Tilbury, founder of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd, is not only a makeup artist but also contributing editor for British Vogue, and global ambassador for Women for Women International. Her company was purchased by Puig in 2020, as reported in Happi. She largely shares updates on skin care and makeup on Twitter.

GlobalData’s Beauty Influencer Platform—which tracks the top 200 beauty experts and discussions pertaining to beauty innovations, emerging trends, topics and companies—ranked Tilbury as the top beauty influencer in Q2 2021 for Twitter.

Who’s Next?
Dave Lackie emerged as the next top influencer among the beauty experts with an influencer score of 88. Lackie is the founder and editor of Beauty Departure Magazine, a luxury beauty digital magazine. He is also a beauty expert on Citytv’s Cityline TV show, where he discusses about new trends and innovations on beauty. His key focus areas are luxury makeup, skin care and perfume. 

Christine Mielke, founder and editor chief of Temptalia LLC, was ranked third with an influencer score of 63 on GlobalData Beauty Influencer Platform. She is a full-time beauty blogger and recently teamed up with Sydney Grace beauty brand, as a makeup reviewer.


Expert Insight
Smitarani Tripathy, influencer analyst at GlobalData, comments: “’Virtual artist’, ‘Makeup’, and ‘Skincare’ were the most mentioned keywords among beauty influencer discussions on Twitter during Q2 2021. The discussions revealed that makeup and beauty brands have shifted to virtual beauty consultations with customers with virtual artists due to the pandemic, to enhance their online sales and consultation experience for beauty, makeup and skin care. 

“By following the list of top beauty influencers, which includes not only beauty experts, but also beauty bloggers and makeup artists, one can track the popular and emerging trends of the industry on a regular basis for better informed decision-making in different fields of beauty.”

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