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Clean Beauty Consumers Crave Transparency In Natural Personal Care

WGSN trendwatchers forecast waterless formulations and other wellness concepts will be big for Fall 2021 makeup, skin care and hair care.

The past year has changed clean beauty in four key ways, from greater transparency to a return to preservatives. Market research firm WGSN has recently reported the impact on Clean Beauty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Heightened anxiety around health and wellbeing, as well as a non-negotiable demand for transparency, will inspire a shift in the clean beauty market as the post-Covid-19 consumer rethinks the risks associated with consumer packaged goods.

Here are some top trends for Fall 2021:

Clean beauty consumers are seeking trustworthy ingredients in their beauty products.

Waterless formulas will appeal to safety conscious consumers
Waterless formulations last longer than those made with water and present a key opportunity for clean beauty brands that want to provide safe products without jeopardising their 'natural' trademark.
Bioengineering will reduce reliance on nature
Covid-19 has made consumers starkly aware of the link between humans and nature. This deepened connection will inspire a demand for ingredients that don't disturb the natural world, while still providing its properties.
Transparency will be non-negotiable
No longer a 'nice-to-have', consumers will demand complete transparency from brands, asking questions about ingredient sourcing and the cleanliness of factories, through to the shelf life of a product and how susceptible it is to contamination.
Preservatives will be trusted again
While the clean beauty movement has avoided synthetic preservatives, rising consumer concern around contamination and shelf-life stability will force a return to these bacteria-fighting ingredients.

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