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Exuviance Adds New Wrinkle Treatment

NeoStrata brand's SKU has triple-boost formula that enhances collagen.

NeoStrata Company, Inc. has rolled out Exuviance Targeted Wrinkle Repair, which employs an innovative approach to target deep lines, enhancing skin's own natural collagen and its surrounding support to help volumize from within.
 triple-boost formula comprised of patented NeoGlucosamine, CitraFill and Matrixyl peptides works together to enhance collagen and help build skin's own natural hydrating filler.  As a result, volume is increased over time, directly beneath deep lines and creases, so they appear filled, smoother, according to the brand, which now has a flagship Exuviance Skin Lab in Short Hills, NJ.
“Deep lines are among the most frustrating signs of aging, and historically difficult to address with topical product offerings,” says Barbara Green, vice president of clinical affairs, NeoStrata Company, Inc. “Filling deep lines with an injectable can be costly, painful and sometimes leads to results that look less than natural. Exuviance Targeted Winkle Repair painlessly reduces common signs of skin aging by softening the appearance of deep expression lines over time.”

After only one week of twice daily use, 95% of users noticed visible improvement in targeted lines. With continued use, deep expression lines are less noticeable.  After eight weeks of twice daily use, 91% of users reported younger-looking skin and smoother crow's feet while 86% noticed improved lines around the mouth and forehead.

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