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Fermented Actives from Oat Cosmetics

Improve skin health and complexion radiance, and boost cell turnover.


By: Tom Branna

Fermented Actives from Oat Cosmetics

Oat Cosmetics launched a natural fermented active range at In-Cosmetics Global last week. The new range, called aurafirm, includes three oat-based active ingredients which improve skin health, boost cell turnover and improve complexion radiance through:
• Accelerating microbiome recovery;
• Providing skin smoothing, re-plumping and firming properties; and
• Significantly improves complexion and skin radiance

According to the company, aurafirm has been developed using a marriage of Oat COM – Oat Cosmetics’ leading, patented, advanced colloidal oatmeal and a highly specialized and stable Lactobacillus strain, developed by German fermentation experts over a period of 50 years. All three ingredients in the aurafirm range are approved by Ecocert in accordance with the Cosmos standard and are easy to formulate.

“We are really excited aboutaurafirmand think the industry will be too. It contains key actives and nutrients that support the fast and natural recovery of the skin microbiome, so it is perfect for use by brands looking to create a product that can work in harmony with the skin microbiome, maintain or return it to a healthy state,” explained Cara Dewis, head of product development, Oat Cosmetics. “That is of course not forgetting the skin firming and plumping properties of the ingredient.”

Oat Cosmetics is a brand of Oat Services Ltd, a research company, developer and supplier of scientifically supported natural ingredients, produced utilizing sustainable recognized agricultural production systems. The ingredients are marketed to cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulators, manufacturers and brands, through a network of specialized territorial distributors with expertise in the cosmetic sector. 

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