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LA Face Founder Loses Face

Lisa Alexander faces backlash for racist actions.

Lisa Alexander, the founder of LA Face, an indie beauty company based in California, is facing backlash for calling police on a man who was stenciling a #BLM message on his front retaining wall.

In confronting James Juanillo, who identifies as a person of color, Alexander and her companion reportedly asked him questions such as “is this your property?” and lied that they knew who lived in the house. According to one report, the couple was seen telling him that it's alright to express one's feelings and that they don't have anything against him stenciling the words but it's not okay to do it on someone else's property.

Since the incident went viral, Alexander has deleted her social media accounts, and calls to boycott LA Face and Birchbox, a distributor, have flooded the internet. More recently, on June 15, Birchbox announced it was dropping La Face from its product offerings. 

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