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Mediheal and Ma:nyo Crowned Spate’s Rising Star Skincare Brands

These K-beauty brands are unstoppable on Google.

Beauty trends – much like beautiful flowers – seem to sprout overnight, thanks to the bevy of influencers, who, for example, share their love for a buzzy new serum with their loyal followers or dub LED masks “life-changers.”

Analysts at New York City-based beauty trend tracker Spate call these influencers their own “Rising Stars.” In the realm of skincare brands, two of the firm’s top-growth rising stars are Mediheal and Ma:nyo.


Mediheal, a Korean beauty brand, boasts an average of 22.1K monthly searches and a +410.3% year-over-year (YoY) growth. Consumers are particularly drawn to the Mediheal toner pads. Analysts said this is understandable considering the rising popularity of toners in the US with a +10.2% YoY. While this trend is being driven by Glow Recipe, Mediheal, and Good Molecules, the hype doesn’t stop at toners. Searches for Mediheal chin masks and Mediheal face masks are also on the rise. Spate encourages US brands to take note of the promises these pads hold and adapt to this trend, accordingly.


In second place is another K-beauty brand, Ma:nyo, with an average of 6.7K monthly searches and a +296.2% YoY growth. The majority of this growth and searches are for the brand’s cleansing oils. Cleansing oils are also gaining traction in the US, with a +34.8% growth in searches since last year. This is evinced in consumers embracing the double cleansing method, which has seen a +60.1% increase in searches since last year.

Spate encourages brands to align themselves with the cleansing oils and double cleanser trend wherever possible. One strategy is to bundle existing products into double cleansing kits or to educate consumers on the importance of cleansing twice.

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