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Neutrogena Begins MaskiD Beta Study with Consumers

Invites users to join A Look Behind The Bar Facebook group to get first look at micro-3D-printed sheet mask.

Neutrogena is offering consumers access to Neutrogena MaskiD, its micro-3D-printed sheet mask.  To test the sheet mask, the J&J brand is inviting consumers to join the A Look Behind The Bar Facebook group where for a limited time, members will be able to participate in a beta study where they can try Neutrogena MaskiD and take part in shaping the future of skincare personalization.
According to Neutrogena, A Look Behind The Bar is an exclusive incubator and community of skin-obsessed peers who connect, collaborate and help develop new Neutrogena skincare products. Members will also have access to Neutrogena experts, get a first look at new products and have the power to shape the future of skincare innovation. 
Neutrogena opened access to the mask on March 8; the program is set to run for for six weeks. Members of A Look Behind the Bar will receive guidance from the group moderator on how to request to join the Neutrogena MaskiD Beta Study. Space is limited and each week 100 passcodes will be given out, according the company. 
“Skincare is ever-evolving and Neutrogena is leading the charge to educate consumers about the next generation of skin health, which is personalization,” said Logan McGill, marketing director of Neutrogena Skin Tech & Acne Innovation. “The Neutrogena Skin360 app brings together decades of Neutrogena trusted expertise, innovative skincare technology and personalized recommendations all in one place.”
Neutrogena Skin360 analyzes more than 2,000 facial attributes and with that information can identify the user’s personalized needs through Neutrogena MaskiD. Chosen based on information about each user's unique skin needs and infused into the six zones of the mask (forehead, eye orbital, nose, cheeks, chin and nasolabial folds), ingredients include purified hyaluronic acid,vitamin B3, feverfew, Neoglucosamine and Blackberry Complex  

Using a smartphone 3D camera, users take an 180 degree selfie to create a multi-dimensional map of their face with exact measurements and shape of their nose, space between the eyes, lips, and other unique physical characteristics for a perfectly fitting mask. Personalized data from the Neutrogena Skin360 system processes more than 100,000 skin pixels to analyze the skin's needs, making a recommendation for what ingredients will be most beneficial and where. Using a proprietary 3D printing process, high-efficacy ingredients are printed onto the custom-fit hydrogel mask on the exact zones of the mask where they will deliver the greatest benefit for that individual, according to the J&J brand.

Neutrogena has been active at CES in recent years, promoting its tech-driven endeavors to drive skin care products and technologies.

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