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Vaseline Tackles Systematic Racism

Donates over $1 million to Direct Relief’s COVID-19 fund.

Though Black and Latinx communities account for the minority of the population, COVID-19 has disproportionately affected these groups. Not because they are more susceptible to the virus, but rather the systemic racism deeply rooted in our nation affects these communities’ access to quality medical care, says Vaseline.
Since March, Vaseline has donated over $606K worth of products to Direct Relief’s partner network of 5,000 community health centers and free & charitable clinic sites around the US to protect and care for medical staff and patients.
Following this immediate response, Vaseline also donated over $1 million to Direct Relief’s COVID-19 Fund for Community Health, which has supported 518 health centers across the country, including those located in predominately Black and LatinX communities, that have seen some of the highest COVID-19 fatality rates.
“Vaseline understands that the root of these negative health outcomes is systemic racism. Racial bias and institutional inequality are ongoing issues that Black people, and all people of color, continue to face, and Vaseline is taking action,” the brand stated. “To provide immediate support in ending discrimination, specifically that directed towards Black people in this country, Vaseline is donating $100,000 to organizations fighting racial injustice.
Additionally, Vaseline recently held a Virtual Roundtable discussion with actress Regina King and brand partners Dr. Caroline Robinson and Direct Relief president and CEO Thomas Tighe on the importance to continue the conversation centered around the disparities that Black and Latinx communities face and how access to quality healthcare and resources are imperative for these communities most impacted by COVID-19.

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