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      Very Good Chemistry

      More than 1,400 cosmetic chemists and beauty executives from around the world were in New York City last month for the SCC's 72nd Annual Meeting.
      Tom Branna, Editorial Director 01.01.19

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      Diamond Wipes Buys Ode to Clean

      Diamond Wipes Buys Ode to Clean

      Expands in the natural cleaning space.

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      Grow with MFG Chemical

      Grow with MFG Chemical

      Specialty chemical maker expands in household and personal care.

    • Q Laboratories Names New Manager

      Brown will lead analytical chemistry department.

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      Verify then Trust

      Verify then Trust

      Consumers want to know what's in their household cleaners.
      Tom Branna, Editorial Director 11.01.18

    • New Managers Named at Natural Sourcing

      Ingredient specialists gain regional representatives.

    • Testing, Testing

      Testing, Testing

      Testing companies continue to expand their services, even as lawmakers consider expanding FDA’s regulatory powers over cosme
      Tom Branna, Editorial Director 10.01.18

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      China’s Simplified Approach To Cosmetic Regulations

      China’s Simplified Approach To Cosmetic Regulations

      The State Administration for Market Regulation may streamline the approval process for cosmetic ingredients.
      Ally Dai , Contributing Writer 08.03.18

    • Color Cosmetics | Functional Ingredients | Pigments
      In the Mood

      In the Mood

      Punched-up pigments and luminous effects make Fall’s color cosmetic offerings dramatic and expressive.
      Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor 08.03.18

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      H&M Beauty Unveils Fragrance Wardrobe

      H&M Beauty Unveils Fragrance Wardrobe

      Three collections, 25 fragrances, debut.