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JEEN® International is a privately held global supplier and manufacturer for the Personal Care, Cosmetic, Flavor & Fragrance, and Pharmaceutical markets.

We offer a broad range of ingredients and solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the markets we serve. Our core competence is in the development and production of universally approved broad-spectrum preservatives, sensory modifiers, texturizing agents, natural ingredients and sustainable solutions.

Over the last decade, we’ve expanded our innovative technology initiatives to offer efficacious plant-derived actives and eco-friendly manufacturing solutions, while maintaining our excellence in regulatory compliance. We are a recognized, value-add supplier to over 3,000 customers and 20+ global distributors with active sales in over 40+ countries. Our customer portfolio consists of top multinationals, as well as global and emerging indie brands. We are highly engaged with the consumer products community through our memberships with the following organizations;
• Personal Care Products Council
• Society of Cosmetic Chemists
• Sales Association of the Chemical Industry
• Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Development

JEEN® International is ISO 9001:2015 certified, FDA registered and RSPO MB certified. 2021 marks our 25 years of dedication and entrepreneurial approach to beauty.

• Emulsifiers
• Surfactants
• Conditioning Agents
• Silicones & Alternatives
• Structurants • Preservatives
• Sunblocks & Sunscreens
• Sustainable Solutions
• Oils


JEECIDE® CAP-7 is an innovative, preservative-free, antimicrobial system that is free of phenoxyethanol, parabens, MITs and formaldehyde releasers. An easy-to-use, clear liquid, JEECIDE® CAP-7 can be used alone to prevent microbial growth in preservative-free formulations, or in conjunction with traditional preservatives to boost their efficacy. Additionally, the globally compliant JEECIDE® CAP-7 also helps stabilize emulsions and has emollient and skin conditioning properties that will leave skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Ideal for both leave-on and rinse-off products across all personal care and color cosmetic categories.

JEECHEM® NDA is a series of versatile, non-polar emollients that act as a functional replacement to all synthetically/petrochemically-derived alkanes. Our high purity alkanes are derived from all-natural raw materials that are renewable, sustainable, and completely biodegradable. The JEECHEM® NDA series is colorless, odorless, and compatible with silicones, UV-filters, and most lipophilic ingredients.
• Naturally-Derived ( ISO 16128 Natural Origin Index: 1 )
• EWG Score: 1
• REACH Compliant
• RSPO Certified 4-0597-15-100-00
• COSMOS Approved
• China Compliant

OLEOSILTM Gels are 90% naturally-derived silicone elastomer gels that utilize alkanes to produce an array of functional end- products differentiated by sensorial feel, chemical function and versatile end-use. OLEOSILTM Gels vastly improve texture, feel, slip, application, and play-time. They are ideal for color cosmetics, skin care and hair care products.
• ISO 16128 Natural Origin Index: 0.9
• More eco-friendly than D5

JEESPERSE® is a patented, groundbreaking technology series that completely reinvents the emulsification process. JEESPERSE® contains thickeners, solid waxes, emulsifiers and functional ingredients in a ready-to-use powder format that allows emulsion manufacturing at lower temperatures– resulting in faster batch-cycle time. Faster batch-cycle time means reduced energy usage and processing time—resulting in significant reductions in your carbon footprint. Use JEESPERSE® to save time, money but most importantly- to formulate sustainably.


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