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    • Top Botanicals for Treating Problem Skin

      Top Botanicals for Treating Problem Skin

      Plants used in traditional Chinese medicine offer an effective alternative, says expert.
      Roni Kramer , Founder, chairman and CEO of Kamedis Inc. 11.05.18

    • schülke Launches New Cosmetic Preservative

      Supplier debuts euxyl K 830.

    • AP/Deo | Hair Care | Personal Cleansers | Skin Care
      Art of Sport Enters Personal Care Game

      Art of Sport Enters Personal Care Game

      Athlete-focused line has all-star roster of sports star backers including Kobe Bryant.

    • Testing, Testing

      Testing, Testing

      Testing companies continue to expand their services, even as lawmakers consider expanding FDA’s regulatory powers over cosme
      Tom Branna, Editorial Director 10.01.18

    • I&I Marketplace

    • Color Cosmetics | Functional Ingredients | Pigments
      In the Mood

      In the Mood

      Punched-up pigments and luminous effects make Fall’s color cosmetic offerings dramatic and expressive.
      Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor 08.03.18

    • All About Bugs: Good and Bad

      Tom Branna, Editorial Director 07.02.18

    • AP/Deo

      Eastern Europe Drives Deodorant Demand

      Imogen Matthews, Consultant 07.02.18

    • Preservatives
      The Power of Preservatives

      The Power of Preservatives

      Industry experts weigh in on these crucial components in personal care.
      Melissa Meise, Associate Editor 07.02.18

    • Color Cosmetics

      Benefits Packages

      Consumers gravitate to foundations that offer skin benefits.
      Christine Esposito, Associate Editor 07.02.18

    • Actives | Color Cosmetics | Functional Ingredients | Hair Care | Personal Cleansers | Pigments | Preservatives | Skin Care | Sun Care | Surfactants
      Happi China’s PCT Summit Attracts More Than 700

      Happi China’s PCT Summit Attracts More Than 700

      Personal Care Technology Summit & Expo wrapped up today in Shanghai.
      Tom Branna, Editor 06.29.18

    • Skin Care

      New Patents for Avon's Anew Technology

      Rotational anti-aging night cream.

    • Actives | Color Cosmetics | Functional Ingredients | Hair Care | Personal Cleansers | Pigments | Polymers | Preservatives | Skin Care | Sun Care | Surfactants | Testing
      NYSCC Suppliers

      NYSCC Suppliers' Day Attendance Jumps 10%

      Nearly 500 exhibitors showcase products and services

    • Actives | Hair Care | Personal Cleansers | Preservatives | Skin Care | Testing

      New Actives and Surfactants from Lincoln Manufacturing

      See what's new at booth 1257.

    • Color Cosmetics | Functional Ingredients | Hair Care | Polymers

      Syntran Products from Interpolymer

      Learn more at booth 1018.