Chemical Industry to the Rescue

By Happi Staff | 03.25.20

Suppliers ramp up production of key ingredients and products.

Who needs chemistry? We do—now more than ever. While millions around the world work-from-home and self-quarantine, chemical industry employees and their partners are working around the clock to provide the materials necessary to create disinfectants and sanitizers for a customer base that includes luxury beauty, home care and I&I companies.
For example, Dow announced the production and donation of hand sanitizer at its manufacturing site in Stade, Germany, and is rapidly repurposing an existing facility to produce hand sanitizer in the US as well.
At the same time, BASF will produce hand sanitizers at its Ludwigshafen verbund site and donate them to area hospitals. The company said it has relocated tons of isopropanol and other raw materials. Elsewhere, Huntsman is making hydro-alcoholic solution to produce hand sanitizer at its site in Monthey, Switzerland and is distributing them around the country.
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