Sanitation Zone Launches Stations

By Happi Staff | 06.19.20

The units offer hand sanitizer, sanitation wipes and proper disposal.

Sanitation Zone, a provider of sanitation stations designed to keep people healthy and safe, has launched Sanitation Stations for businesses to offer hand sanitizer, sanitation wipes and proper disposal via a small, corrugated box to keep people healthy and safe.
The Sanitation Station is made with heavy-duty corrugated board and includes one Sanitation Zone box, one stainless steel sanitizer pump, a universal dispenser extension tube kit, a cylinder insert to hold sanitizing wipes and a moisture-resistant surface with an antimicrobial top surface for easy cleaning and lasting durability. Sanitation Stations are designed for any place where people gather, including retail stores, events, churches, schools, shopping centers, boutiques, offices and more. 
“Society is experiencing a new norm. A norm that requires businesses and organizations to provide an even safer environment to show they care,” stated Shaun Roberts, co-founder of Sanitation Zone. “I don’t think sanitizers or wipes are just something that should be tossed on a shelf, it should be a part of your brand moving forward. The Sanitation Station enables you to keep everyone safe while showing you care.” 
Following Sanitation Zone’s soft launch last week, the company has sold over 100 units in less than a week. The company plans to begin to activate its wholesale and B2B sales efforts in the coming weeks.
An individual station costs $199.95. Sanitation Zone offers bulk pricing for buyers interested in purchasing more than one station.