• Why Startups Start Here

    Startups are having their moment in the global beauty and household product industry; indie beauty companies have become the growth engine for skin care and color cosmetics categories, and “natural” home care companies are grabbing headli…
    Tom Branna , Editorial Director 10.01.18

  • Wipes—Changing The Way We Clean and Live

    It’s been nearly two decades since the wipes market began heating up, expanding beyond baby wipes and wet wipes to penetrate more areas of our daily lives. First there were antibacterial wipes, then floor cleaning products like Swiffer, then fa…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor of Nonwovens Industry Magazine 09.18.18

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Hair Care | Personal Cleansers | Skin Care | Surfactants

    Will Even More Be Revealed?

    Consumers are an interesting lot. On the one hand, they rail against invasion of privacy by government agencies, decry internet hucksters who steal their identity and blame Facebook and other social media platforms for personal data mining and misuse…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 09.03.18

  • The War of the Words

    Perspective. It comes to you when you’re 7,500 miles away from Washington, DC. In late June I was in Shanghai for Happi China’s annual Personal Care Technology Summit. It’s a great event that attracts more than 700 industry supplier…

  • All About Bugs: Good and Bad

    Bacteria are all around us; in our food, on our skin, and sometimes, most unfortunately, in our products. Our July issue is best known for The Top 50, the annual report on the leading US companies in the global household and personal products in…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 07.02.18

  • Skin Care

    Under Pressure

    If you’re reading this from your desktop or smartphone or other mobile device, consider yourself warned! Digital dependency, a hallmark of the Modern Age, is aging us, according to Dr. Howard Murad MD, a featured speaker at Happi’s Anti-A…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 05.31.18

  • Getting Under Your Skin

    Cosmetic chemists like to say “skin is the biggest organ in the body.” We’re not totally convinced that is skin is technically an organ, but skin care is certainly the biggest category in the beauty industry, which is one of the rea…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 05.01.18

  • Do You Belong In the City?

    Industries and governments and even cosmetics companies are betting the farm on urbanization—it seems like a sure thing. Christophe Berset, strategic market manager for Wacker, recently noted that 54% of the world’s population is already…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 04.02.18

  • VOCs Are Back in the News

    Industry associations jumped to their members’ defense when a study published last month in Science found that petroleum-based chemicals used in perfumes, paints and other consumer products can, when taken together, emit as much volatile organi…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 03.01.18

  • Poor Judgment on Our Part

    Many readers took us to task for the cover image on the January issue of Happi. They’re right; the cover was in very poor taste and was offensive (See Letters to the Editor, p. 10). As one reader noted: “I would like to express my disp…

  • Color Cosmetics | Hair Care | Skin Care

    Overoptimism Greets 2018

    Twelve months since my last prognostication (and yep, I was wrong again) and the global economy is still humming along. Back then, I wondered how long the already-long-in-the-tooth recovery could continue—turns out, a year and counting. Now, a…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 01.04.18

  • When One Door Closes…?

    First the good news for US retailers, more than 3,000 stores opened this year stateside. The bad news? Nearly 6,800 of them closed in 2017. As Bloomberg points out, this depressing reality comes while consumer confidence is sky-high, unemploymen…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 12.01.17

  • Fine Fragrance | Household Cleaning | Personal Cleansers

    When Start-Ups Start Talking

    Everyone dreams about quitting their job; can’t you just picture it? Walking up to your 60-something boss, telling her that she should reconsider her choice of shoes and her outdated mindset and…well I digress. While most fantasies…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 11.01.17

  • Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur?

    Every October, we publish our contract manufacturing/private label directory. Would-be Mary Kay Ashes or Charles Revsons (and for those who are much younger than I am, would-be Jamie Kern Limas) rely on it to find a partner to help manufacture t…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 10.02.17

  • Right Decisions Under Pressure

    After the tragedy in Charlottesville, and his refusal to condemn white supremacists, US President Donald J. Trump came under fire from citizens, politicians on both sides of the aisle and business leaders. After eight executives quit his manufacturin…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 09.01.17

  • Go East, Young Man…

    Make that Southeast!
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 07.31.17

  • Oral Care | Personal Cleansers

    Is Unilever Eyeing Colgate?

    Wall Street was buzzing yesterday with talk that Unilever could make a bid for Colagte-Palmolive Co. Street Insider reported that Unilever bankers were pushing for the board of directors to pursue the oral and personal care company.   Neither…

  • Air Care/Environmental Fragrance | AP/Deo | Color Cosmetics | Disinfectants | Fine Fragrance | Hair Care | Household Cleaning | I&I Marketplace | Laundry Care | Oral Care | OTC/Medicated | Personal Cleansers | Skin Care | Sun Care

    Business Trumps the US President

    In a resounding “NO” to US President Donald J. Trump’s decision to withdraw the country from the Paris Agreement on climate change, business and industries across the US have pledged that they will continue to work toward reducing c…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 07.03.17

  • Hair Care | Pigments

    Retouch All the Hairs On this Old Gray Head!

    The reunion was a long time coming. I hadn’t seen my old boss in years; just once, in fact, since I left the newspaper more than three decades ago. After a couple of emails back and forth, we finally committed to a Saturday afternoon lunch.…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 06.01.17

  • Skin Care

    Skin Care Is Going Hollywood

    The news report was startling; and no, not the coverage of United Flight 3411—after flying out of Newark for more than 25 years nothing the airlines do surprises me anymore. No, I’m referring to a study published last month that foun…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 05.01.17