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  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Skin Care
    The Important Role of pH in Beauty Care Formulation

    The Important Role of pH in Beauty Care Formulation

    We use the word “acidic” in many instances: this wine is way too acidic, the soil of that field is not sufficiently acidic, her sarcastic remark was acidic in its conclusion, etc. Despite this loose use of the word acid, acidity is a well…
    Paolo Giacomoni, PhD, Insight Analysis Consulting 09.02.19

  • Functional Ingredients | I&I Marketplace | Surfactants

    Cleaning Composition for Brewing Vessels

    US Patent No. 10,208,274 B1 (James Diamantis, Keith Seyfried, Jonathon R. Bullard, James A. Faller, Robert C. Bullard) Zee Company, Chattanooga, TN, has patented an acidic cleaning composition for cleaning food and beverage contact surfaces. It…

  • Efficacy Challenges

    Thick to Thin, the Impact Of Menopause on Skin
    Paolo Giacomoni, PhD, Insight Analysis Consulting 11.01.18

  • Functional Ingredients | Household Cleaning | Surfactants

    Thickening Cleaning Composition without Polymers

    US Patent No. 9,410,112 B2; Ecolab USA has patented a method of thickening a cleaning composition without the use of polymers. It entails adding to a composition a non polymer acidic viscoelastic surfactant that includes one or more of the following:…

  • Functional Ingredients

    RB Patents Carpet Cleaning Composition

    US Patent No. 9,382,503 B2; Reckitt Benckiser has patented a carpet cleaning composition that has an acidic pH. It is comprised of bactericidally active cationic compounds comprising a benzyl C12-C16 alkyl dimethyl quaternary ammonium cationic compou…

  • How Acids Enhance Anti-aging Products

    Originally derived from spoiled milk and fermented apples, acids have been used to beautify skin for thousands of years. There is an acid for every skin type and concern, and most don’t burn or even exfoliate the skin. These materials improve d…
    Navin M. Geria, Senior Technical Advisor and Principal Doctors Skin Prescription 03.01.16

  • Multi-Phase Hard Surface Cleaner has Laponite Clay

    US Patent No. 8,791,057 B2; Reckitt & Colman (Overseas) Limited has patented a multi-phase hard surface cleaning composition. The first phase comprises an acidic cleaning formulation and a second phase comprises an alkaline cleaning formulation,…

  • Acidic Hard Surface Cleaners Patented by Reckitt Benckiser

    US Patent No. 8,383,566 B2; Reckitt Benckiser LLC has patented acidic hard surface cleaning compositions that exhibit good removal of greasy stains and concurrently also exhibit good soap scum removal from hard surfaces. The compositions are compris…