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  • Packaging

    Lindal Wins Aerosol Packaging Award

    Lindal Group won the Aerosol Packaging Award for its Enhanced Mist Technology at the British Aerosol Manufacturers Association (BAMA) annual forum. The company, which manufactures spray caps, valves and actuators for different types of aerosol produc…

  • Actives | AP/Deo | Packaging

    Anhydrous Aerosol Antiperspirant

    US Patent No. 10,117,814 B2; Conopco, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ, has patented an anhydrous antiperspirant aerosol composition that contains a particulate antiperspirant active system, suspending agent, carrier oil and liquefied propellant gas. Th…

  • Lindal Wins Aerosol Packaging Award

    Lindal Wins Aerosol Packaging Award

    Enhanced mist technology lauded at BAMA forum.

  • HCPA Releases Program for Aerosol Interchange

    New event includes assumption busting and strategic planning sessions.

  • Packaging

    CSPA Publishes Standards for Aerosols in Plastic

    The Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) recently published a method and standard for aerosol products in plastic containers. The publication is available for purchase on the CSPA website as an appendix to the CSPA Aerosol Guide. The plasti…

  • Actives | AP/Deo

    P&G Patents Aerosol Antiperspirant Composition

    US Patent No. 9,662,285 B2; The Procter & Gamble Company has patented an aerosol antiperspirant composition that is comprised of a propellant; an antiperspirant composition that includes one or more liquid materials comprising 70% to 100% by weig…

  • Fareva Opens Aerosol Plant

    The Fareva Group inaugurated its new aerosol plant in Richmond, VA following a first phase investment of $40 million to produce drug, OTC and beauty products. The plant is the company’s 11th facility. This new installation includes a flame-p…

  • Aero-Tech Adds Aerosol Compatibility Vessel

    Aero-Tech Laboratory Equipment Company of Worcester, NY recently debuted the ALT-SP, a new multiple use, side ported compatibility vessel. According to the company, it has the same capabilities as its standard vessel, but is also capable of attaining…

  • Contract Manufacturing Private Label Directory

    Contract Manufacturing Private Label Directory

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