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  • Fine Fragrance
    The Fragrance Market As Brazil Sees It

    The Fragrance Market As Brazil Sees It

    Brazil is in the No. 2 fragrance market in the world, trailing only the US and ahead of Germany, France and the UK. Together, sales in the Big 5 neared $51 billion in 2018, with the US holding a 16.5% share and Brazil 13.4%, according to Euromonitor…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 01.03.20

  • A Colorful Future for Brazil And the Rest of Latin America

    From lipsticks and nail enamel to eye shadow and foundation, sales of color cosmetics in Latin America increased at a faster pace than global market between 2012 and 2017. According to Euromonitor, the category grew 42.9% in retail value in the regio…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 05.01.19

  • Skin Care in Brazil Has Room to Grow

    The facial care market has considerable potential in Brazil, although the country is not among the top 5 in the world, according to Euromonitor International, which ranks China, Japan, the US, South Korea and Germany, all ahead of South America&rsquo…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 01.01.19

  • Functional Ingredients | Hair Care | Polymers | Surfactants

    What´s Happening in The Hair Care Market in Brazil?

    Caring for hair is a well established pastime in Latin America and is often one of the last steps in the grooming routine to be cut when consumers reassess their priorities, according to Hannah Symons, Euromonitor´s  analyst for beauty and…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 04.02.18

  • We’re No. 3! We’re No. 3! Hair Care in Brazil

    We’re No. 3! We’re No. 3! Hair Care in Brazil

    The hair care category is competitive in every country on earth. It’s clear that consumers around the world deeply care about their hair and their concerns are reflected in the size of the market. According to Euromonitor International, global…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 05.01.17

  • Why Brazil’s Still on Top of the Fragrance World

    Fragrance is big business in Latin America, especially in Brazil, which is the No. 1 market for scents in the world. With annual sales of about $7 billion, Brazil accounts for more than 15% of global fragrance sales. In Latin America, Brazil represen…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 06.02.14

  • Beauty is a Natural Throughout Brazil

    The Brazilian people have more awareness about environmental issues than consumers in other countries—and now there’s data to prove it! According to the results of a recent study by the Union for Ethical Bio Trade (UBET), 96% of Brazilian…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 03.05.14

  • Brazil Dominates Hair Care In Latin America

    Even among the Big 3, Brazil dominates the hair care market. According to Euromonitor, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the three largest hair care markets in Latin America, with 2012 sales of $5.9 billion, $2.3 billion and $1.1 billion, respectively…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 01.01.14

  • Color Cosmetics | Fine Fragrance | Hair Care | Skin Care
    Avon Shops Brazil

    Avon Shops Brazil

    May grab stake in Jequiti.

  • Competition Is Fierce In Brazilian Beauty

    During the past 15 years, Brazil’s personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics sector sextupled to R$34 billion ($16.8 billion). In that time, Brazil became the world’s No. 1 market in fragrance, deodorant and children’s toiletries; t…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 05.03.13