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  • Hair Shaping Composition

    US Patent No. 10,300,003 B2 (Andrew Malcolm Murray, Prem Kumar Cheyalaz-hagan Paul); Conopco, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ, has patented a topical hair shaping composition that has a pH 4 or less. It is comprised of an aqueous continuous phase of one o…

  • Skin Care

    Shaving Aid Composition

    US Patent No. 10,342,754 B2 awarded to company from Greece.

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Oral Care

    Colgate Patents Oral Care Composition

    US Patent No. 10,213,369 B2 (Kavita Vemishetti, Linh Fruge, Michael Prencipe); Colgate-Palmolive Company has been awarded a patent for an oral care composition that is comprised of a stannous ion source, a zinc ion source; polyphosphate; and a thicke…

  • Actives | Skin Care

    Skin Composition Stimulates Adipogenesis

    US Patent No. 10,213,377 B2 (Tiffany Florence, Michelle Hines, David Gan, Wanli Zhao); Mary Kay Inc., Addison, TX, has patented a method of stimulating adipogenesis in a person’s skin. The method entails topically applying to skin a composition…

  • Oral Care

    Colgate Patents Oral Care Composition

    US Patent No. 10,226,407 B2 features a composition that contains an aqueous soluble tin phosphate complex.

  • Functional Ingredients | Household Cleaning

    SC Johnson Patents Gel Cleanser Composition

    US Patent No. 10,196,591 B2 (Wayne M. Rees, Thomas A. Strash); SC Johnson has been awarded a patent for a self-adhesive cleaning composition. The composition is comprised of ethoxylated alcohol; polymeric alkylene oxide block copolymer; oxygenated hy…

  • Functional Ingredients | Oral Care

    Colgate Patents ‘High Water’ Oral Care Composition

    US Patent No. 10,172,770 B2 (Aarti Rege); Colgate-Palmolive Company has patented a “high water” oral care composition that is comprised of an orally acceptable carrier, zinc phosphate, sodium fluoride, stannous pyrophosphate and an organi…

  • Hair Care | Polymers

    Acrylic Polymer and Amino Silicone Composition for Hair

    US Patent No. 10,159,639 B2 (Karen Teboul); L’Oréal, Paris, has patented a composition for treating keratin fibers that contains an aqueous dispersion of hybrid hydrophobic film-forming acrylic polymer particles and at least one amino si…

  • Edible Cleaning Composition

    US Patent No. 9,534,193 B1; Jessica Adelle Gore and Corby Lucious Frazier of Plano, TX have patented a natural, edible cleaning composition made of apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract, Stevia and a flavoring ingredient.…