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  • Oral Care

    Kit To Detect Dental Caries

    US Patent No. 9,662,276 B2; President and Fellows of Harvard College, Cambridge, MA, have patented a kit for detecting demineralization of a tooth surface. It contains a container comprising an orally acceptable, binding composition comprising i…

  • Chewable Dental Cleaning Product

    US Patent No. 9,474,698 B1; Brittany Luzar of Durango, CO has patented a dental biscuit that cleans the teeth when chewed. The biscuit mixture is comprised of rice flour, white whole wheat flour, wheat starch, sugar, whole grain oat flour, flavor pow…

  • Dental Care Delivered To Your Door

    Dental Care Delivered To Your Door

    Boka is a subscription service for supplies.

  • Oral Care

    Two-Part Dental Care Product

    US 9,254,255 B2; Chung-Yuan Christian University has been awarded a patent for a dental care product with two-part formulations. They are a first agent comprising an orally acceptable carrier and equal to or more than 0.1mg/ml of a block copolymer co…

  • Tooth Whitening PatentFrom Dental International

    • US Patent No. 8,277,783 B2; Millen-nium Dental International, Brookfield, CT, has patented a method of whitening a tooth. It entails applying to the tooth an oxidizing agent comprising between about 0.005 to about 3.0% by weight of a compoun…

  • Tom's of Maine Awards $100K to Dental Clinics

    "Dental Health for All" awards $10K to five non-profits.

  • Colgate, Hispanic Dental Association Join Forces

    Month-long campaign features bilingual materials and activities.

  • Nestle and Colgate Seal Dental Gum Deal

    Nestle and Colgate-Palmolive have joined forces to challenge Wrigley, the world's No. 1 chewing gum maker, for leadership of the fast-growing market for dental chewing gum.Nestle, the world's biggest consumer food company, and Colgate-Palmolive, the…

  • Calculus-Dissolving Dental Composition

    US Patent No. 8,298,516 B2; Douglas Anderson of San Diego, CA has patented a method for dissolving subgingival calculus in a subgingival pocket. It is comprised of preparing a solution or suspension which includes sodium tripolyphosphate, pyrophosph…