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  • Laundry Care

    Ecolab Patents Compositions That Boost Fabric Softener Performance

    US Patent No. 9,688,945 B2; Ecolab USA Inc., St. Paul, MN, has patented a method of conditioning and softening fabrics that is comprised of washing the fabrics in a detergent with a pH range of about 7 to about 14; contacting the fabrics with a fabri…

  • I&I Marketplace

    Ecolab’s Q4 Profits Jump But Sales Fall

    Ecolab’s fourth quarter sales fell 2% to $3.35 billion, but net income surged 75% to $366 million. The company said solid global institutional, global industrial and other segment sales growth, along with margin expansion, offset expected lower…

  • Functional Ingredients | Household Cleaning

    Synergistic Stain Removal Developed by Ecolab

    • US Patent No. 9,546,345 B2; Ecolab has patented a concentrated detergent composition comprising alkali metal carbonate, methylglycinediacetic acid, glutamic acid N,N-diacetic acid and alkali metal tripolyphosphate.…

  • Disinfectants | I&I Marketplace
    Ecolab To Acquire Laboratoires Anios

    Ecolab To Acquire Laboratoires Anios

    French hygiene and disinfection company has presence in 85+ countries.

  • 7. Ecolab

    7. Ecolab

    St. Paul, MN 651.293.2233 Sales: $6.2 billion for industrial and institutional cleaning products. Corporate sales: $14.2 billion. Key Personnel: Douglas M. Baker Jr., chairman and chief executive officer; Timothy W. Handley, pr…

  • Ecolab Patents Concentrated Floor Cleaner

    US Patent No. 8,895,491 B2; Ecolab USA Inc. has patented a method of cleaning floors that entails forming a solution by mixing water and a concentrated acidic cleaner. The cleaner is comprised of an acid selected from the group consisting of citric,…

  • Ecolab Patents Hard Surface Cleaner

    US Patent No. 8,299,009 B2; Ecolab USA has patented hard surface cleaning composition comprising at 18% actives: betaine functionalized alkyl polyglucoside component derived from a renewable carbon source such as corn or coconut and consisting primar…

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  • 8. Ecolab

    8. Ecolab

    St. Paul, MN 651.293.2233 Sales: $5.9 billion Sales: $5.9 billion. Net income: $417 million Key Personnel: Douglas M. Baker Jr., chairman president and chief executive officer; Christophe Beck, executive vice president, institution…

  • Disinfectants | Functional Ingredients | I&I Marketplace

    Ecolab Buys Purate Business from Akzo Nobel

    Ecolab Inc. has reached an agreement to acquire AkzoNobel's Purate business, which specializes in global antimicrobial water treatment technology. With 2012 revenue of approximately $23 million, the Purate business provides patented, proprietary…