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  • Gold Flecks, Real Flower Inside Lipstick

    Gold Flecks, Real Flower Inside Lipstick

    'Sassy' brand highlights unique formulation for national holiday.

  • Flower Essential Oil Extraction Method

    US Patent No. 9,296,979 B1; Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, Taiwan, has patented a flower essential oil extraction method. It entails placing flowers in a high-pressure treatment tank; introducing a pressurized liquid medium into…

  • Color Cosmetics | Skin Care
    Flower Power

    Flower Power

    Barrymore goes global with cosmetics brand

  • Flower City

    Jake Carey, Sales Executive 12.30.15

  • Buyer

    Buyer's Guide

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  • Poppy Flower Is Set to Bloom

    A new fragrance from Coach could generae $50 million.

  • Flower Wars

    Clorox, Method at odds over use of a daisy.

  • With the introduction of 8 Flower Nectar

    With the introduction of 8 Flower Nectar ($125), Darphin has taken a new step in aromatherapy using a composition of rose, immortelle, iris, jasmine, patchouli, lavender, neroli and ylang-ylang. Additionally, the aromatic essences are contained in an…