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  • Personnel News at CPL Aromas

    Personnel News at CPL Aromas

    Magnall and Rees are making moves.

  • New Fragrance Technology at Salvona

    Salvona Technologies LLC introduced time-release technology with big implications for personal care products, said the company. MultiSal Fragrance is an encapsulation technology designed to enhance the effectiveness of active ingredients in aromather…

  • Novel Fragrance Technology at Salvona

    Novel Fragrance Technology at Salvona

    Patented system triggers and modulates fragrance release.

  • CPL Aromas Launches Encapsulation Technology

    • Aromacore is an advanced fragrance release technology new from CPL Aromas. According to the company, it is initially being offered in the fabric care sector and other product categories will follow shortly. By using both a liquid and encapsul…

  • IFF Patents Encapsulated Fragrance Chemicals

    Patent No. US 7,294,612 B2: The patent for a composition comprising: a fragrance material; where said fragrance material is encapsulated by a polymer has been assigned to International Flavors and Fragrances Inc., NY, NY.…