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  • Color Cosmetics | Personal Cleansers | Skin Care

    Monat Appoints Russo, VP-marketing

    Monat Global: named direct selling industry veteran, Lela Russo, as vice president of marketing. She boasts more than two decades of experience in the direct selling industry, having most recently served as a marketing executive for Young Living Esse…

  • Sabinsa Names New Marketing Director

    Sabinsa Names New Marketing Director

    Smith brings almost 30 years of experience to the team.

  • Suave Reshapes Marketing Mix

    Suave Reshapes Marketing Mix

    Models style their own hair...what's next?!

  • Valu Marketing

    Bob, Higgins 06.28.17

  • $cent Marketing

    $cent Marketing

    According to a recent article in Smart Money, “scent marketing is becoming as ubiquitous as Muzak.” The author suggests calling it “Smellzak.”
    Harvey M. Fishman , Consultant 04.03.13

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