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  • Actives
    Sytheon Publishes Study on Synoxyl AZ

    Sytheon Publishes Study on Synoxyl AZ

    Compares effects of Z and AZ on gene expression in epidermis.
    Happi Staff 10.22.19

  • Berkem Rolls Out Actives

    Berkem has applied its plant extraction expertise and omic sciences to screen and develop active extracts from three plants: bilberry, oregano and quince. Thereafter, in vitro efficacy tests have identified specific mechanism of action for each activ…

  • Berkem Rolls Out New Actives

    Extracts are from three plants.

  • Functional Ingredients | Skin Care

    Mary Kay Patents Skin Care

    US Patent No. 9,808,417 B2; Mary Kay Inc., Addison, TX, has patented a method of treating skin that entails topically applying a composition that is formulated with an effective amount of an ethanolic or a butanolic extract from the leaf and stem of…

  • Actives | Skin Care

    Mibelle Biochemistry Launches Two New Ingredients

    Mibelle Biochemistry recently launched two new active ingredients at In-Cosmetics Global 2017. SensAmone P5 is a biomimetic peptide based on a component of sea anemone venom. This synthetic pentapeptide inhibits TRPV1, the pain receptor present in sk…

  • Actives | OTC/Medicated | Skin Care

    A Flawless Complexion Is Within Reach

    Mibelle rolls out Pinolumin

  • Novel Materials from TRI-K

    Hear more about Rice Pro-Tein and TRIglyphix Sense at booth 208.

  • Sun Protection Should Protect from IRA Damage

    Sun Protection Should Protect from IRA Damage

    Defense against solar radiation is vital to human health but are current sunscreens up to the task? Sun care products that filter both UVA and UVB rays are insufficient since they do not block all the damaging rays from the sun. Recently, it became p…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd. 04.30.12

  • Infrared Radiation  Skin Protection

    Infrared Radiation Skin Protection

    We have been wrong before. We once believed that the sun circled the earth before Galileo Galilei argued for a new perspective. Sunscreen formulations that attempt to protect us from damaging effects on the skin do not currently protect us from infra…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd 03.01.12

  • Silab Introduces New Ingredients

    In order to improve skin resistance and limit the appearance of fine lines, Silab has introduced Elastonyl, an anti-stretch mark and anti-wrinkle ingredient that protects and repairs elastic and collagen tissue. Elastonyl combats the degradation of e…