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  • Actives | Skin Care

    Osaka University Patents Peptide with Anti-Aging Effect

    US Patent No. 9,872,825 B2; Osaka University of Japan has been awarded a US patent for a peptide consisting of the amino acid sequence ELKLIFLHRLKRLRKRLKRK (SEQ ID NO: 1), or a derivative or salt of the peptide. The derivative has a modification sele…

  • Peptide Ideal for Men’s Care Formulations

    Eyeseryl peptide from Lipotec helps improve the overall appearance of the eye contour by minimizing the presence of dark circles and reducing skin damage within this delicate area.    The ability of the peptide to minimize eyebag vo…

  • Peptide Ideal for Men’s Care Formulations

    Peptide Ideal for Men’s Care Formulations

    New studies show Eyeseryl prevents baggy eyes on guys.

  • A Natural Peptide from Tri-K

    NaturePepT Sacha Inchi reduces facial sagging.

  • Actives | Skin Care

    Collagen Peptide Supplementation by Gelita

    Gelita recently showcased its latest collagen peptide research. With new, high quality study results being available in the fields of mobility, body toning, beauty from within and wound healing, Gelita strengthens its position in the industry. W…

  • Actives | Skin Care

    Evonik Launches New Peptide and More

    Learn more at stand N70.

  • Syn-Coll Peptide Update at DSM

    DSM conducted a new in vivo study on Chinese volunteers with its Syn-Coll peptide. According to the company, it revealed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Syn-Coll also helps reveal a more lifted, sculpted look as well as refi…

  • Kollaren Is Novel Peptide For Anti-Aging Skin Care

    Available from Covalence, Kollaren is a biomimetic peptide derived from a signal peptide. It increases the firmness of the skin by activating the extracellular matrix proteins synthesis such as collagen, elastin, fibronectin and laminin, according to…

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  • Actives | Skin Care

    High Purity Peptides from Active Peptide

    Visit stand 110 to learn about its fast, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly process.