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  • Skin Care
    "Live-Topical" Acne Treatment In Phase 2 Clinical Testing

    "Live-Topical" Acne Treatment In Phase 2 Clinical Testing

    What is AOBiome's B244 all about?

  • Multi-Phase Hard Surface Cleaner has Laponite Clay

    US Patent No. 8,791,057 B2; Reckitt & Colman (Overseas) Limited has patented a multi-phase hard surface cleaning composition. The first phase comprises an acidic cleaning formulation and a second phase comprises an alkaline cleaning formulation,…

  • Henkel Patents Two-Phase Developer

    US Patent No. 8,226,733 B2; Henkel has been awarded a US patent for a cosmetic agent for the treatment of keratinic fibers. It is comprised of at least two phases separated from each other. The first phase is an aqueous phase containing at leas…

  • Buyer

    Buyer's Guide

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  • New Phase Technologies Relocates to Texas

    New Phase Technologies will relocate from its Piscataway, NJ offices to parent company Baker Petrolite's headquarters in Sugar Land, TX. The move is effective Oct. 1. New Phase Technologies' customer service department has operated from the Sugar Lan…

  • Multi-Phase Detergents

    U.S. Patent No. 7,446,084 B2: Henkel has been awarded a U.S. patent covering a process for manufacturing multi-phase detergents or cleaning agents. It entails manufacturing a water-soluble or water-dispersible container; filling the container with a…