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  • Functional Ingredients | Oral Care

    Colgate Patents ‘High Water’ Oral Care Composition

    US Patent No. 10,172,770 B2 (Aarti Rege); Colgate-Palmolive Company has patented a “high water” oral care composition that is comprised of an orally acceptable carrier, zinc phosphate, sodium fluoride, stannous pyrophosphate and an organi…

  • Showa Denko Introduces Water Soluble Vitamin E

    TPNa (sodium tocopheryl phosphate) is a new and notable agent for cosmetic applications from Showa Denko. Billed as the world’s first water soluble vitamin E, it is ideal for skin care and makeup formulations and is effective for dry skin, acne…

  • Skin Lightening Properties of Ascorbic Acid

    Popularly known as vitamin C in its primary form, L-ascorbic acid has a proven track record for improving the appearance of aging skin; no wonder it is the most common antioxidant ingredient in OTC skin care products. Vitamin C stimulates formation o…
    Navin M. Geria, Doctors Skin Prescription 07.01.16

  • Functional Ingredients | Household Cleaning | Polymers

    Phosphate-Free Fairy

    P&G reformulates ADW products.

  • P&G Patents Wet Wipes

    US 8,377,459 B2; Procter & Gamble Company has patented a wet wipe comprising a nonwoven material releasably carrying an oil-in-water emulsion composition. The oil-in-water emulsion composition is comprised of an emollient; a surfactant selec…

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    Buyer's Guide

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  • Phosphate-free Automatic Dish Detergents

    Phosphate-free Automatic Dish Detergents

    Cognis researchers explain why formulators dont have to settle for poor performance when creating an ADD thats good for the environment.

  • SteroKem Ltd. Introduces Powder Detergent

    SteroKem Ltd. launched Kemphos 2001, a chlorinated alkaline powder (pink or white) detergent that cleans, disinfects, whitens and deodorizes. The production process and the chemical reaction provide chlorinated trisodium phosphate as a homogeneous pr…

  • P&G Takes Phosphates Out of Europe

    ADW formulas will be phosphate-free by 2017.