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  • Sustainable NYC

    How can marketers and their suppliers create more sustainable cosmetics and home cleaning products? Ecovia Intelligence can provide some answers.
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 08.02.19

  • Skin Care

    Naolys' New Plant Cell Concept

    Find out more about Healthy Perfection at stand J40.

  • Skin Care

    New Plant Cell Actives from Vytrus Biotech

    New tools to treat acne and other skin maladies at stand C318e.

  • Actives | Skin Care

    Questions Arise Over Plant Stem Cells

    Stem cells are found in both plants and animals. They divide and can differentiate into a range of cell types. It is this regenerative property of plant stem cells that has captured the imagination of cosmetic researchers. In this column, we will bri…
    Navin M. Geria, AyurDerm Technologies, LLC 09.01.17

  • White Rose Plant Cells Big at Naolys

    Naolys, the French company that specializes in plant cell culture, is promoting active plant cells with protective and balancing activities from white rose (rosa alba) that bring a global radiance effect to skin. Because radiance depends on many fact…

  • Mibelle Presents Latest Stem Cell Active

    Mibelle Biochemistry has released PhytoCellTec Nunatak, the latest stem cell active based on a plant that survived the last Ice Age. Whereas most other species became extinct, the alpine flower Saponaria pumila survived many years on ice-free mount…

  • Amplify Nature To Accelerate Beauty Benefits

    Properly leveraging plant cell culture technology can maximize cosmetic efficacy, according to researchers at Sederma and the Institute of Biotechnology Research.
    Sonia Dawson and Denise Gabriele and Robert Dal Toso, Ph.D., Sederma Inc, Instituto di Ricerche Biotecnologiche 12.03.13

  • Skin Care
    Oriflame Invests in Plant Stem Cell Cultivation

    Oriflame Invests in Plant Stem Cell Cultivation

    Work on plant stem cells began last year in Stockholm.

  • Poet’s Narcissus Fuels New Plant Active from Naolys

    Naolys, a French company that specializes in plant cell culture, recently launched a new active plant cell with a brightening activity from the Poet’s narcissus (narcissus poeticus). Inside Light Poet’s narcissus are whole plant cells tha…

  • New Plant Cell Complex from Naolys

    Power Extension [HSB+R] debuts at stand no. M134.