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    FDA Proposal: Part I Is the Wait Finally Over?

    On Feb. 26, 2019, the US FDA published a “proposed” rule that would put into effect a final monograph for non-prescription OTC sunscreen drug products.1 It is being published to comply with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd 04.01.19

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    US Government Shutdown Imperils Reform Hopes

    Happy New Year! A new US Congress has been sworn in and, at press time, it is facing major political challenges over the border wall and ensuing federal government shutdown. Guess what will also suffer? The OTC Reform Act. As of Jan. 8, 2019, both th…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd 02.01.19

  • OTC Sunscreen Filters Are on Life Support

    The status of the 24 over-the-counter (OTC) ultraviolet absorbers approved for use since 1978 is on life-support.  If my treatise here does not move the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Personal Care Product Council (PCPC), cosmetic sc…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd 10.01.18

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Sun Care
    A Forum for Sunscreen: Debating Better Protection

    A Forum for Sunscreen: Debating Better Protection

    Vital issues confronting the sun care market in the US will be discussed at a round table panel discussion during this month’s Sunscreen Symposium by the Florida Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.1 It is the third time such a forum ha…
    Nadim Shaath 09.04.13

  • Veiling Cream


  • ‘PASS’ Pushes the Issue

    ‘PASS’ Pushes the Issue

    A coalition that includes sunscreen ingredient companies, dermatologists and sunscreen manufacturers calls on FDA to create a pathway for new UV filters.
    Christine Esposito , Associate Editor 04.03.13

  • 5-Star Research; Below Par Ratings

    Conflicting news on the benefits and dangers of sunscreen and skin cancer has saturated news both in print and online for the past few months. Several interesting reports on new ingredients as well as sun care formulations have surfaced. In additio…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd. 03.11.11

  • Amending the Monograph

    The headline above is intentionally contentious considering we still do not have a final monograph (FM) to amend. The tentative final monograph (TFM) is far from sufficient and yet it is effectively law. In the meantime, we rely upon the mechanism in…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd. 07.08.09

  • Things are Heating Up in the Sunscreen Category

    Happy New Year!  This issue marks the first anniversary of my column. The positive reactions I have received to The Sunscreen Filter attest to its timeliness; an informational filter is sorely needed to keep pace with rapid sunscreen development…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd. 01.08.09