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  • Unique Ingredients from Asia

    Unique Ingredients from Asia

    K-Beauty? J-Beauty? C-Beauty? Asia’s impact on the global beauty market is undeniable.
    Ally Dai, Correspondent 09.12.19

  • Cannabis: The Next Big Thing in China’s Beauty Market?

    Cannabis: The Next Big Thing in China’s Beauty Market?

    With international buzz, the application of hemp and its derivatives for cosmetic products could see significant expansion in China.
    Ally Dai, Correpondent 09.12.19

  • 27. Shanghai JahWa

    27. Shanghai JahWa

    China Sales: $1 billion. Key Personnel: Zhang Dongfang, chairman and chief executive officer. Major Products: Skin care, personal care and home care. Brands include Vive, Dr. Yu, Giving, HomeAegis. Herborist, GF, Liushen. N…

  • Top Botanicals for Treating Problem Skin

    Top Botanicals for Treating Problem Skin

    Plants used in traditional Chinese medicine offer an effective alternative, says expert.
    Roni Kramer , Founder, chairman and CEO of Kamedis Inc. 11.05.18

  • Ingestible Beauty

    Ingestible Beauty

    A trend that’s quickly becoming the norm.
    Walter Faulstroh, founder of HUM Nutrition 11.21.16

  • TCM in Cosmetics: Back to the Future

    How big of a role can Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) play in cosmetics? Many TCM experts I’ve interviewed say the potential is enormous because the materials are so effective. Proper storage of herbs is essential to their efficacy. For…
    Ally Dai 06.06.13

  • Notes from China

    A Growing Demand For Cosmeceuticals

  • EpiCalmin TCM Superdefense by TCM

    Mibelle Biochemistry launches a synergistic combination of three plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.