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  • OTC/Medicated

    Chinese Wipes Maker Flagged by FDA

    Cited for violations at production facility making antibacterial wipes for US market.

  • Wipes Go Natural

    Wipes Go Natural

    With eco-conscious consumers continuing to demand cleaner, greener products, wipes makers are up to the task.

  • Color Cosmetics | Preservatives

    Makeup Remover Wipes Recall

    Contamination with Pseudomonas aeruginos.

  • Is Moisturizing Now The Moment for Wipes?

    Is Moisturizing Now The Moment for Wipes?

    Wet wipes developers continue to look at every means of differentiation to set their brands apart and offer sought-after solutions. In skin contact wipes markets, additives that deliver performance, from gentle cleansing to makeup removal, hygiene en…

  • The Wipes That Turn Heads

    The Wipes That Turn Heads

    Packaging is the most important factor in purchasing.
    Susan Stansbury, Contributing Consultant or Nonwovens Industry Magazine 09.18.18

  • World of Wipes 2018 Recap

    World of Wipes 2018 Recap

    Industry professionals from around the globe gathered in Chicago to discuss wipes trends, new products and flushability.
    Tara Olivo, Associate Editor of Nonwovens Magazine 09.18.18

  • Household Cleaning | I&I Marketplace

    Diamond Wipes Acquires Rescue Wipes Brand

    Hero Wipes, which is owned by Diamond Wipes, has acquired Rescue Wipes, the original decontamination wipe for firefighters. Rescue Wipes will retain its unique branding and is now part of the Hero Wipes product line. The Hero Wipes brand portfolio al…

  • Global Trends in Skin Care and How the Facial Wipe Market is Evolving

    Global Trends in Skin Care and How the Facial Wipe Market is Evolving

    Cleansing wipes market is booming, outpacing growth in other categories
    Vito Cataldo, North America Marketing Manager, Lonza Consumer Care 09.12.16

  • Wipes Make Beach Living Easier

    Wipes Make Beach Living Easier

    Sandsweepers use highloft nonwovens to entrap sand away from skin
    Karen McIntyre, senior editor 10.21.14

  • Wipes: They

    Wipes: They're Not Just For Babies Anymore

    In this era of convenience, the ultimate convenience item is a wet wipe. They can be used to remove make-up, to clean the toilet, to wipe down the kitchen counter or to disinfect your hands. They are incredibly portable, and after you use them, int…
    Suellen Bennett, Damian Kelly, Andy Kaziska, Mark Chandler and Cara Eaton, Croda Inc, Edison, NJ 04.14.10