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Mutha Cracks the Code on Vitamin C

Mutha Cracks the Code on Vitamin C

Skin care company founder Hope Smith reveals the secret behind the brand's bestselling serum.

When MUTHA Founder Hope Smith started developing the NEW MUTHA No. 1 Serum in 2018, she had no idea that she’d discover her own allergy to vitamin C, especially given the ingredient was featured in tons of products already on her vanity. It turns out, those formulas were not effective because the vitamin C used was not stabilized. Together with her lab, through a journey of trial and error, she discovered a stabilized form of vitamin C compatible with most skin types, which is 50x more effective than most forms of vitamin C and since the formula is oil soluble, it penetrates more deeply into the skin.  
Check out the video posted first on Instagram to learn about Hope’s journey to finding the perfect vitamin C for MUTHA’s first serum.
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