Beauty by the Numbers: A New Age of Naturals

Beauty by the Numbers: A New Age of Naturals

The natural landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade, according to TBC.

Ten years ago, The Benchmarking Company's Pink Report examined a growing trend—natural and organic beauty. A decade later, TBC is excited to deliver The New Age of Naturals, which confirms that what was once a growing trend has morphed into a collective behavior for many beauty and personal care buyers, and its popularity is skyrocketing!

The new TBC report takes a look at the natural/organic brands that have moved the needle the farthest in 10 years, which brands each generation buys, how far natural/organic beauty and personal care have evolved, and what that evolution means to brands in terms of guiding marketing plans. The report includes a dissection of wellness product buying, cannabinoids/CBDs and their impact on beauty, and marketing and branding tips from the pros.

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