All About Oral Care

All About Oral Care

Who's cleaning their teeth and what are they using? Find out critical data here.

At the end of last year, this research firm explored the oral health status and habits of 376 people in the dedicated survey “Oral Health Summary 2019” on DentaVox. Respondents report rather good oral health, hygiene and lifestyle habits with the last marking improvement in 50% of the cases. But what are the actual numbers behind these self-reported good results? 

Nearly half of survey participants (48%) define flossing as the routine practice they most often skip. The largest part of respondents changed their toothbrush only two times, while the expert recommendation is a new toothbrush (head) to be used every three months. On the positive side, 70% of respondents visited a dentist at least once and 40% of them went to two check-ups in 2019.


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