Messy Kitchens Leave Millennial Moms Stressed

Messy Kitchens Leave Millennial Moms Stressed

Dawn conducts a study to reveal how a clean sink can lead to a clear mind.

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor 03.01.21


Did you know that 500 billion dishes were washed in the U.S. in the last 90 days alone? A recent study conducted by Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray revealed how a clean sink can lead to a clear mind, reducing stress and anxiety. 
According to the study, 80% of mothers surveyed say they feel calmer when they clean their dishes immediately instead of delaying the chore for later. 67% choose to clean their dishes as they cook in hopes of finding a sense of peace. Three in four moms found it easier to enjoy a meal with their family if they have the dishes clean beforehand.
Still, many moms are taking steps to avoid having to do dishes. Here are some of the tactics moms have taken to avoid doing the dishes:
  • 34% admit to eating with their hands to avoid using silverware
  • 35% designate daily water cups for everyone in their household to continually use
  • 28% eat right out of the container
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