Bliss Skin Care Rolls Out Clean Beauty Study

Bliss Skin Care Rolls Out Clean Beauty Study

Infographic shows that consumers are reading labels more and learning about sustainability.

In celebration of National Clean Beauty Day on July 15, Bliss conducted a study of more than 2,000 Americans to learn more about their clean beauty habits and perceptions.
·       64% have recently started taking their skin care more seriously
·       Nearly 60% are looking to make more ethical choices when purchasing skincare products
·       However, there’s some confusion in how to go about that - nearly half of all respondents think purchasing sustainable products is expensive, and 1 in 5 believe it’s inaccessible
·       1 in 10 do not know the meaning of B Corp certified (it requires companies to practice transparency and sustainability and consider the effect their decisions have on the community and the environment

Additional clean beauty insights gleaned through the study:
·       Almost two-thirds reported that they always read the labels on the beauty products they buy
·       More than half (55%) consider a product’s ethical production before purchasing
·       In pursuit of a more ethical lifestyle, nearly half (48%) of respondents are prioritizing a product’s cruelty-free status and recyclable packaging (40%)
·       In fact, 1 in 10 would give up all of their money if it meant living a cleaner life.

With all this discovered, Bliss is proud to be the first skin care brand sold at mass to offer shoppers affordable and accessible B Corp certified products.


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