Fragrance Gets Back On Track

Fragrance Gets Back On Track

Data from new NPD study finds more engagement. Here are some takeaways to help shape your strategy.

Smells like good news! According to a recently released NPD Fragrance Consumer Study, most US consumers who wore fragrance less often in 2020 have returned to their normal usage. Nearly one-third of consumers are buying fragrances for themselves more often these days, and three out of four consumers feel that fragrance helps lift and enhance their moods or bring back memories of happy times, places, and experiences. This sentiment is stronger among Millennials, who are growing even more engaged with the category and are willing to pay more for scents they really like, noted NPD's Jacquelyn Wenskus, director, fragrance category analyst, beauty, in a recent blog post.

Here are more takeaways from NPD:

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