Candles in The Quest for 'Me Time'

Candles in The Quest for 'Me Time'

Newell Brands conducted a poll about stress during the holiday season.

survey conducted by OnePoll, sponsored by Newell Brands, revealed that Americans aren't finding enough time to dedicate to themselves, leaving many (65%) feeling less engaged with friends and family throughout the holiday season. 
In the poll, Newell also found that 77% of Americans agree that having "me-time" to decompress is necessary for getting through holiday festivities, but 70% will put their "me-time" on hold if life gets too hectic.
According to the poll, the most draining activities throughout the holiday season include cleaning dishes after a holiday meal.
Further, Newell, which is owner of the WoodWick candle brand and is ranked No. 26 in Happi's 2021 Top 50 Report, revealed that a large majority of Americans report they already use candles during their "me-time" moments, as shown in this infographic:

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