Happi Podcast: Bosley’s Michelle Blaisure

Happi Podcast: Bosley’s Michelle Blaisure

A trichologist discusses hair care and education.

By Happi Staff12.12.19
A product & technical specialist and certified trichologist at Bosley Professional Strength, Michelle Blaisure is in charge of the educational programs that the company employs to teach stylists about fine, thinning hair and hair loss. This curriculum primarily focuses on the causes of hair thinning and hair loss, while educating stylists as to which Bosley Professional Strength regimens they can offer to individual clients as a solution. The educational curriculum also includes information about what other options are available to clients as a result of the company’s partnership with Bosley, including prescription treatments, laser comb therapy and surgical hair replacement procedures. Under Blaisure’s watch, Bosley Professional Strength has created two educational courses: an entry- level product knowledge class and an affiliate certification program that teaches hair scalp biology and takes a more in-depth look at hair loss and treatment. 

In this episode of The Happi Podcast, Blaisure joins Happi’s Tom Branna to discuss trichology, scalp skin treatment, hair products and more.

Michelle Blaisure.
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