Caring in Skin Care

Murad strives to connect with the consumer.

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor 06.15.20

The cornerstone of the professional skin care industry is human connection.  According to Allison Marks, education manager-professional division, Murad, El Segundo, CA, consumers want brands with medical expertise and science-backed ingredients where they can trust in the products and its results. She shated her insight about trends to look out for in the professional skin care sector later in 2020 and beyond.

“With so much information and brands available, consumers have become overwhelmed and weary of hollow marketing,” she said. “Murad has a unique edge. Dr. Murad is not only a dermatologist but also a pharmacist offering a unique take on how to formulate skin care effectively.”

Right now, consumers are seeking knowledge on overall wellness and beginning to understand that skin health can be impacted by many variables. 

“Skin care is more than topical treatments. Skin care is health care which is why Dr. Murad created four pillars to healthy skin: managing stress, exercising, eating Water -rich foods are equally as important as nourishing the skin topically,” Marks told Happi.