Barefaced Introduces AI Skin Coach with Revieve’s AI/AR Skincare Technology

A peek into the latest beauty tech from Revieve.

Artificial intelligence will transform the beauty industry by making it more personalized, efficient and effective, but governance and transparency remain critical to growth, according to recent data from Mintel.

In correlation to this trend, indie skincare brand Barefaced recently revealed a partnership with Revieve, a personalized digital company working with global brands, retailers and service providers in the beauty, skin, health and wellness categories.

According to the company, this strategic alliance led to the introduction of the Barefaced AI Skin Coach.

AI Skin Analysis

The Barefaced AI Skin Coach leverages Revieve’s tech platform, integrating proprietary mobile selfie diagnostics technology for skin analysis, user input and AI-powered recommendations. The result is an “all-encompassing interactive experience that empowers customers to set skincare goals, track progress and receive personalized product recommendations tailored to their unique needs during and between shopping visits,” said the company.

In addition to its functionality, the Skin Coach is strategically aligned with Barefaced’s social media marketing efforts. The brand recognizes the significance of integrating this innovative solution with its broader digital presence. By doing so, Barefaced can seamlessly weave Skin Coach into its social media campaigns, creating a cohesive and unified brand narrative across various channels.

Insider Insight on Barefaced AI Skin Coach

“At Barefaced, we are excited about the introduction of the Barefaced AI Skin Coach—a transformative journey beyond utility that we wholeheartedly believe our customers will eagerly embrace,” said Jordan Harper, the founder and CEO at Barefaced. “We are constantly looking for ways to elevate our customer’s experience and provide them with value they cannot find elsewhere.

“We believe our new AI Skin Quiz and Skin Coach will be a celebrated and indispensable aspect of our customer’s skincare rituals. This reflects our dedication to expert skincare in the digital realm, ensuring our customers receive the premium care they expect from the Barefaced brand.”

In essence, the AI Skin Coach is a personalized digital platform experience for customer engagement, retention and brand advocacy, added Harper.

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