Duty detergent


An un-built or infrequently low-level-built, detergent-based washing product designed for light cleaning tasks, especially hand dishwashing.

While not made for general laundering, it does find use in hand washing lightly soiled, delicate garments, and in household cleaning tasks where ability to handle heavy soil is not required. Originally introduced as granules, today's light duty detergents are usually liquids. Emphasis in formulation is on hand dishwashing, which places a premium on a product's ability to handle all food soils, its mildness to hands, plentiful long-lasting suds, and rinsing that leaves surfaces free of film and spots.  Light duty detergents are based principally on anionic surfactants, which are generally high sudsing , but they may also contain some nonionic surfactants.  Other commonly used ingredients are ethyl alcohol , suds boosters and stabilizers such as acyl or fatty acid ethanolamides, opacifying and/or colorant agents, and fragrance.